Cread Website Builder

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Bootstrap 5.0 ready!

Import and edit all of your bootstrap templates or build complete new, block-based websites.

Creads' visual builder interface enables you to design your websites lighting-fast by dragging ready-to-use blocks and elements.

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Can I use Cread for multiple projects?

Yes, of course! You can purchase Cread once and use it along all of your projects. You can also use Cread to build projects for your customers. However, you can't distribute it to your customers.

Where can I install Cread Builder?

Generally on any common web server. Cread relies on PHP and a Webserver that serves static HTML and JS files. Cread does not need a Database. Contact us if you aren't sure if Cread works for you.

Where do I get new versions of Cread?

Simply on our website. Hit the download button in the menu and enter the email used at the purchase of Cread. You can choose which version you want to download.

Is a documentation available?

Yes. The docs are included in the main file and the latest version is also available online: Cread Docs

Where do I get help?

Simply mail us at or open a support ticket directly online.


v1.8.0 - 08/16/2022

Now you can ...

  • ... publish your site right in Cread on Netlify and benefit from free hosting and custom domain
  • ... either download a single page or the whole website inside Cread
  • ... keep a backup of previous deploys (website downloads or publish to netlify) inside the "/deploys" folder
    • ... control how many backups you want to keep

v1.7.0 - 07/02/2022

  • Added authentication to the editor
  • Added new blocks
  • New empty page template
  • Templates are now in a separate directory

v1.6.0 - 06/12/2022

  • Major improvements for the page browser: You can now delete and clone pages (when creating a new page) & UX bug fixes
  • New bootstrap 5.0 Building Blocks: Centered hero, Centered screenshot, Responsive left-aligned hero with image, Vertically centered hero sign-up form, Border hero with cropped image and shadows, Dark mode hero
  • New blank page template adopted to bootstrap 5.0

v1.5.0 - 05/27/2022

  • Ability to add pages in the browser and to choose from templates
  • Conditional visibility of div elements based on device size
  • Add animations
  • Bootstrap 5.0 ready


  • Fixed stability issues while editing the page

v1.0.0 - Initial release

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Cread Website Builder

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